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Two students hang photos in the Granoff Center for the Performing Arts for Artful Protest: Creative Expression and the Umbrella Movement.

Emily Ho, one of the curators for the Umbrella Movement exhibition, assembles the umbrella sculpture for Umbrella Movement: Youth & Activism.


The University of Rhode Island, Feinstein campus welcomes visitors to Moments: Images from the Umbrella Movement on Providence Gallery Night.

There are always sacrifices when we are fighting for something, sometimes even family. But that does not mean that we cannot have fun while fighting. A group of protestors redecorate the trash cans barricades into the characters 'Happy Minions' in…

The Standing Committee of National People's Congress announced the '31 August' arrangement, abandoned the promise of universal suffrage to Hong Kong entirely. 5000 citizens gather and protest against the decision in Tamar Park under rainstorm this…

A banner with the word 'Democracy' is seen at a bridge near Lung Wui Road, Admiralty.


A group of Causeway Bay protestors held their black umbrellas to support umbrella movement

The very last occupied area, Causeway Bay, has been cleared by the Police's 'Raptor Strike Force' in less than 3 hours after the area has been occupied for 79 days, 17 protestors stay until the very last moment and are captured by the police. Two of…

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A hanging sculpture assembled using cocktail umbrellas made in Hong Kong

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Visitors walk through Artful Protest: Creative Expression and the Umbrella Movement.

A pair of lovers rest on the main road outside the Government Headquarter hand in hand after an all night fight with the police.

The 'ultimate drive out' by the Police forces is underway in Admiralty. The 'Harcort Village,' built by the protestors existed for 75 days, was 'extirpate' in 7 hours. A banner with 'It's just the beginning' written, is being removed.

We win together, lose together' Over ten thousand citizens discontented with the police's action to reduce the size of Mong Kok occupied area in the name of clearing and road obstacles. Intense clashes with the police happened over Mong Kok as they…


Kara Noto, one of the curators for the Umbrella Movement exhibitions, stands under an umbrella sculpture made for Artful Protest: Creative Expression and the Umbrella Movement.

(L-R) Christina Ho, Jonathan Cortez, Emily Sellon, Kara Noto, and Andrea Ledesma - the curatorial team for the Umbrella Movement exhibitions - gather in front of an umbrella sculpture.

Protesters and supporters stick slogans on a suspended public bus in the occupied area in Mong Kok. The day after riot police bombed 87 tear gas to the protesters thousand of protesters occupied the main roads in Hong Kong for 79 days since September…
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